Marketplace Building 101

I’m so pumped to chat with CEO and Co-Founder of Wonderschool, Chris Bennett. In our conversation, we get into the nuts and bolts of building a marketplace. Wonderful is operating off of the Classic Econ 101 principle of Supply & Demand. There is limited supply and excess demand of preschool education which they are hoping to fill. This is a brillant space to be in and I’m excited to share their story with you! To learn more about Wonderschool, check out:

How to Find the Be About It Podcast

So, I have been getting quite a few questions from folks on how to find my podcast. So here is an easy guide:

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Creating a Company with Intention

On this episode, we speak with Morgan Babbs, CEO and Founder of Colibri. Through our conversation, she shares how she isn’t taking the freedom and ownership that she has as a founder lightly. She is building each piece of her company with clear intentions to change the status quo. Learn more about Colibri here:

*Please note that in the opener I describe Colibri as being located in Colombia. This is incorrect. It is located in Nicaragua.

How to Build with Empathy for Diverse Consumers

I am so excited about this episode. I sit down with Jimmy Chen, CEO and Founder of Propel who shares some really interesting insights on how he built his company. After finding a really interesting problem with the UX/UI experience for food stamp recipients, he decided to build a company to support this market that holds 1/10 of the entire grocery market.

Learn more about Propel here:

Sydney Paige Thomas