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I have been in venture capital for almost 10 months. I am still learning, all the time, and want to leave a few breadcrumbs about all the things I’m soaking up as a self-proclaimed VC newbie.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. There is no channel available to learn alongside someone else in VC. I did my research early on before entering into this world — from reading Feld Thoughts to listening to 20 Minute VC. But this information concentrates on VC legends. Where are the voices from those who are still in the stages of becoming? What are they learning? I want to contribute to that conversation.
  2. There are many idiosyncrasies about venture capital that people don’t talk about until you’re “in the circle”. I don’t want to perpetuate this hoarding of knowledge. Through this blog, I hope to lower the barrier to entry for the next guy/gal interested in VC.

So, who is my blog for?

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to know what happens behind the curtains in VC;
  2. Students and career switchers who want to learn if this career is for them;
  3. And for me, so I actually track everything I’m learning.

I plan to get these out every couple of weeks. First blog is coming next week — yay!

If you’re interested in keeping up, please subscribe. And please leave me feedback, comments and questions! The key piece of this is that I’m still learning so I will get some things wrong. I’m looking to you to challenge me.

I hope you enjoy + I’ll talk with you soon!

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Sydney Paige Thomas